Our Small Group Strategy...

 is designed to help people learn to face life's struggles together.  

Our meetings are set up weekly. Our studies are designed in a way individuals will know what it means to walk in freedom and to live a life of peace in Christ.



 Small Group Topics are as follow,                             but not limited to:


· Stepping Into Freedom                                               (Christ Centered 12 Step Program)


· Concerned Persons Group

  (Because we need Each Other)


· Seeing Yourself in God’s Image

  (Overcoming Anorexia and Bulimia)


· Lessons Learned

  (Moving from Homosexuality to Holiness)


· Crossroads

  (Choosing the Road to Sexual Purity)


· Anger: Our Master or Our Servant


· Understanding Depression                                       (Overcoming Despair through Christ)


· Handling Loss and Grief


· Facing Fear, Finding Faith


· Peace Making

  (Responding to Conflict Biblically)


· At The Alter of Sexual Idolatry


· The Walk of Repentance


For additional inforamtion please call our office at (614) 808-6560